The High Value Lovers of Orlando

Creating High Value Men & Women who Maintain Lasting Relationships

1 on 1 Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy with me in Orlando, Florida will get you to know to how handle, attract and maintain a relationship with a High-Value lover through changing your automated and unknown mentalities that are running your romantic life. But first, you have to ask yourself if you are a high value individual and what does that mean for men and women.

High Value Men

Biologically, a high-value man is one that is fit with many resources. We’ve evolved with and past this in the modern world. A high Value Man has the ability to be disciplined, decisive, has a strong social network, has enough intelligence, character and enough resources or potential for resources. He is also willing to be generous, be emotionally stable and can keep his emotional bonds stable and strengthening with his friends and family.

Most importantly, You as a High Value Man, have to be masculine.

There is this minority of men and women who are claiming that “Masculinity is Toxic”. They exist, but this is a vocal minority. High Value Men endorse, project, evolve and never apologize for their masculinity. You also will discriminate between what is constructive and destructive in your masculinity throughout your life while understanding that just because your masculinity is “inconvenient” for someone, doesn’t mean it’s destructive for you, your family and goals. This is when we start to understand how to discriminate between High Value Lovers that compliment your life and those who would not.

High Value Women

Being a High Value Woman can be confusing today.

Do you go out, get a career and climb the corporate ladder and use the opposite sex as a sexual play thing until you’re ready to “settle down”? Should you focus on creating a lasting and emotional strong family? Society tells you what to do, your community does, your family does, the media does, but what do you actually want?

Can you answer what you value as the Good Life? What does compromise mean? Can you identify a High Value man or are you mostly attracted to the Bad Boys? Do you feel you messed up in your life choices and don’t feel happy with the path you took?

Discovering your values is the first step in creating yourself to be a High Value Woman who can attract a High Value Man where you can both co-create a satisfying sex, work and home life with.

Work With Me to Find that High Value Lover

Call me a Romantic. Or more accurately, call me a man that understands the unconscious, intersexual dynamics between males and females and the statistical data of relationships. Men and women with complimentary lovers are better and more successful individuals than ones who are alone. We cannot ignore or dismiss our biology or our understanding of modern relationships.

If you have your life together and need to figure out how to attract a high value lover who will primarily value you as an individual and not your wallet, looks and resources. Work With Me.

Is your life disorganized, you see you do not fully have the qualities and values of a high value individual, and you don’t even have the ability to attract a high value lover yet? Work With Me and we’ll solve these problems.