Can Love Last?

Creating High Value Men & Women who Maintain Lasting Relationships


I am the Only Modern Psychoanalytically trained Concierge Relationship Specialist in Florida who specializes in working with couples and individuals in finding, creating, mending and leaving relationships while at the same time helping the individual find a way to create meaning in their life through the discovery of their values and not the values others and society has put on them.

With my Concierge Services you have 2 flexible options you can choose at any time.

1. Using the couch in my office we start on saying anything needed to start building an individual’s possibility for individual tolerance of frustrating events in their lives and love lives as they start to understand what it means to take responsibility for their own fate.

2. At your home we also can sit face to face or take time and walk on the beautiful days we have here in Florida to work on your need at that time.

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No insurance is taken for the mental health of an individual isn’t the business of corporations. I talk more about that Here.If it is desired to use insurance I work as an out-of-network practitioner and will give a Superbill you can submit to your insurance company or help you use the app ‘Better’ so they can do all the hard work and we can focus on our work.

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