About Adam Ayala

We are fortunate to live around this city. As a Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist working with all types of people I saw they all had one thing in common. They all had an issue of unknowingly devaluing themselves in relationships. They were in a constant mental state of fear. They all also had the same complaints. Their long term relationships were sexless, they felt they were not themselves and they could not find a partner that they felt matched with them.

One day I woke up and was sick and tired of hearing and seeing those who were unsatisfied in relationships and didn’t know how to fix it. This is when I launched my practice to create High Value Men & Women of Orlando. Through this work you can learn to attract High Value lovers by changing your mentality about yourself. When you do this the entire quality of your life changes. Through 1 on 1 psychoanalytical psychotherapy, which takes as long as needed and as long as you can invest in it, you will understand everything you were told to never look at so you can live as the individual who values themselves, their spouse, their family and their life.

I’m going to give you more story. But, if you’re looking to transform into a High Value Lover, Call Me.

I studied psychology for my Undergraduate and found it to be boring and lifeless, just like most relationships. Psychology can train a pigeon to do anything, but it wasn’t good enough when it came to men and women in their relationships. If psychology self-help books were good enough I wouldn’t be here doing this work and you wouldn’t be reading this and coming into my office for Psychoanalysis.

I rebelled against my Undergraduate psychology program and went to a Psychoanalytic Institute for my Masters and Doctorate. Psychoanalysis is hard, but gives you the potential to allow yourself to pull yourself out of the destructive actions you constantly make in your life. I can tell you this because I sit as the analyst analyzing others and am on the couch as an analysand being analyzed every week. I practice what I preach and my own analysis will be forever because I desire to forever become a more refined High Value  Man. For you, you get to choose how much you develop and how much you resist. I’m here to help with the destructive resistance to becoming the High Value Lover you are to be.

If you prefer to invest in creating value in your life, Contact Me.