About Adam Ayala

We are fortunate to live around this city. As a Modern Psychoanalytical Relationship Specialist working with all types of people I saw they all had one thing in common. They all had an issue of unknowingly devaluing themselves in relationships. They were in a constant mental state of fear. They all also had the same complaints. Their long term relationships were sexless, they felt they were not themselves and they could not find a partner that they felt matched with them.

As I worked through these relationship issues with my clients both as a clinician that went to the homes of individuals as well as working with those who came to my office. I discovered that I could work with individuals in a deeper way if I was with them at their home.
Over time this practiced developed into me seeing individuals at their homes with the option of coming to my office when needed.
This created the most intense and constructive analysis (therapy) I could give to a person in a world that is ever changing.
Most days I went to a client’s home or I went to their work site if they were going to be there for an extended period of time and they couldn’t leave (such as for actors) and we worked there.
Other times individuals, such as actors, needed to get away from the set and came to my office to have a space of their own.
Other times we spoke on the phone or skype when something pressing happened or when they were out off country.
The relationship we build is what cures, not sticking to rigid rules.

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