Why You Must Be The Moral Center of Your Relationship

Why You Must Be The Moral Center of Your Relationship


Everyone takes Jordan Peterson’s talks and makes them political. It’s the easiest thing to do because everyone does it. But, regardless of what you think of him, how can Dr. Jordan Peterson’s critical thinking and thoughts create new ways for us to think about novel situations? Especially in our romantic relationships?

This is The Jordan Peterson Analysis. Where we take clips of Jordan Peterson’s lectures and see how we can make them work for us in our romantic relationships. Let’s take a listen to the first clip.

“Practically because I don’t think it will work. I don’t think surveillance states makes people more honest. I think the evidence shows the opposite (Jordan Peterson).”

While working with couples and individuals who are trying to figure out how to have a long-term satisfying relationship, there was always this idea that they would not be able to trust their partner as much as they wanted to or that they could not find someone to start a relationship with that would be trustworthy. Many of them imagine that if they could just put a camera on their partners so they could see what they do all the time they could gain that trust.

Jordan Peterson points out that surveillance states, just as you surveilling your partner 24/7, will not create trust.

Why there are no more good men or women left in the world that are single.

While exploring this fantasy of seeing what their partner does all the time is when I typically heard, “There are no good men/women left.” Or that, “All men/women are just hypergamic/oppressors that are part of the patriarchy” etc. Each individual person saw the other as untrustworthy in their own ways.

Being trained as a Modern Psychoanalyst I will explore these ideas. I’ll explore with my clients why men and women who are hypergamic as we hear in the more conservative part of the manosphere or why men and women are such oppressors as we hear more in the leftist political sphere exists. Or why there are no more good men or women left in the world that are single.

But, I always think about projection.

Projection: It’s You, Not Me I Swear!

Projection is when someone believes something so deeply and so fiercely that it is actually they who are untrustworthy and this knowledge is so intolerable so they project those negative feelings they have about themselves out into the world so they don’t have to deal with the negative feelings and the responsibility of having such negative feelings.

One popular projection we see is with “family values” politicians who are very anti-gay, but then we find them in a hotel with a male prostitute. They were projecting the intolerable homosexual feelings they were having out into the world and burning a crusade against the gay community so they didn’t have to deal with their own homosexual feelings.

All this to say, after much exploration about why there are no more good  men and women out in the world I will ask,

“What qualifies you as a trustworthy enough person that someone else should trust you with their life?”

Clip 2: Jordan Peterson hits on this idea.

“I would say from the individual perspective. I believe what we got fundamentally right in the west is that the ultimate moral responsibility for the state relies on you. It relies on your moral integrity. And it’s not that hard to think that through. (Jordan Peterson).”

I’m going to say that for our relationships,

“The ultimate moral responsibility for your relationship relies on you. It relies on your moral integrity (Mr. Ayala).”

So, while you’re saying that all women are hypergamic, all men are oppressors and that there are no more good single women and men out in the world. Ask yourself, are you the type of man or woman that the type of man or woman you want to be with will seek out?

Maybe you are. Or maybe you’re delusional and think you are. But for those in the majority who are not and understand they are not quite right just yet. Now, we’re going to have to figure out how do you become that type of person who is worthy and qualifies for the relationship you desire.

I hope this episode gave you a new thought. If this is the work you want to do, my contact info is down below and we can work on this online, in my office or at your home if you’re in the Orlando area. Like and subscribe and I’ll see you all on the next episode of The Jordan Peterson Analysis.

Not sure what to do or think about what you’re feeling? If you’re curious to know more about how to become the Moral Center Of Your Relationship here is my Guide: 14 Differences Between Toxic & Loving Relationships. This will walk you through the different parts of these kinds of relationships so you can identify what you or one of your loved ones is experiencing so you can Fix Your Fate instead of letting destiny choose for you.


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