You as a High Value Lover

Negotiating Desire

Having studied psychoanalysis (psychic life and the deep, dark, and unconscious ways humans function) for over 10 years, I’ve found the simplest answer to understanding your relationship with your lover boils down to this: You need what keeps you alive. You desire those who give you what you need, but when you have too much of… Read More Negotiating Desire

Relationship Advice

Loving Yourself After Cheating

I’ve found a lack of understanding cheaters with perpetuated blind notions of, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” That quote comes from vengeance, a poison of understanding relationships & the fallen lover. Cheating is messed up, no doubt, but something to understand so healing can happen for the one who stepped out of the relationship,… Read More Loving Yourself After Cheating

Relationship Advice

You Cheated, Now What?

You really messed up in your relationship. What do you need to know and what do you need to do? Let’s first make sure you know what’s a healthy way of resolving the mess up while understanding the traps you can fall into that’ll mess everything up even more so you can make up or… Read More You Cheated, Now What?

Relationship Advice

Dealing With a Break Up

To hear more about dealing with a break up check out my weekly Fix Your Fate Podcast. A lot of the confusion around forgiveness and reconciliation in relationships revolves around the definitions of these words and the other words that orbit them. Forgiveness means you don’t hold a grudge and aren’t bitter towards the person… Read More Dealing With a Break Up