Being the Assertive Narcissist

Being the Assertive Narcissist

Gentlemen, we’ve heard throughout our lives that men shouldn’t cry and you need to be humble, sweet and thoughtful at all times. We also get the other side that gets tired of that message and tells you to take everything you want. Back and forth culture gives us one extreme message to counter the other extreme message. We need to chill out with the extreme messages.

I wrote a paper on the The Cost of Not Being a Masculine Man and there was a part in that paper where I tell you that you have to be assertive with your narcissism. This isn’t me telling you to take and plunder everything you want in a relationship. It’s not actually about behaviors.

I was bringing to your attention that masochistic men have the unconscious belief that if they ever expressed their desires, they would lose the love of their woman. I am telling you that if you do not assert your masculinity and narcissism (wants) you will lose the love of your woman because when you do not assert yourself, you are investing in Not creating desire, wants and attention in your relationship. You make yourself just a ghost, a plow horse.

Don’t commit a public crime and take what you want. Don’t commit a personal crime and never assert your needs. Assert and be aggressive, not hostile, with your needs and wants to create the relationship that will fulfill your and her narcissistic needs.

Looking to figure out how you can assert your sexual, emotional and life desires in a way that will make them happen without committing a legal or personal crime? Make Your Investment and Call Me so we can work on this.


Ayala, A. (2018). The Cost of Not Being a Masculine Man


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