Freudian Reflection on Dr. Roger Strachan | The Origins of Self Soul Spirit Psychology | Part 1

Freudian Reflection on Dr. Roger Strachan | The Origins of Self Soul Spirit Psychology | Part 1

Hey everyone. This is Part 1 of my Freudian Reflections on Self, Soul, Spirit Psychology. Down below I have given you the written transcripts of my reflections on each clip and each clip I am reflecting on of Andrew and Dr. Strachen can be heard in the video above with my reflections. I hope their words and these reflections give us something new to think about and possibly input into our lives.

Clip 1

All of this is to, for myself, understand if this is a person worthy of listening to.

When I listen to someone new I try to hear the unconscious of the person being manifested through their conscious enough words. Here is Dr. Strachen who is the professor and he has his student, Andrew, who thanks him for his teachings and Dr. Strachen grabs his students by the mind to let him know that it wasn’t his own authority that taught him. It was that he, Andrew as the student, took the space that the professor created and Andrew let himself grow, learn and develop within that space. This is what Dr. Strachen means by, “Power With.”
This is a revealing statement in many ways, and this led me to wonder what was the message the professor was trying to tell Andrew other than, “You did the work.” When I heard the professor speak those words I heard in my mind, “You power comes from your freed will, not from me.”

I may be wrong about my idea of what was said since I don’t know much about their relationship and I’m giving you my immediate intuitive reactions to what is being said.

All of this is to, for myself, understand if this is a person worthy of listening to. Many people are not worthy of being listened to for long. You can hear their words, understand their ideology, understand that their thoughts have them which means they have no thoughts, which means they don’t have enough life drive and have nothing to teach.

This professor has something to teach. More correctly, this professor allows a space for self-teaching and for struggling which ultimately creates life.

Clip 2

We may have been born with genetics that weren’t very good. But, this doesn’t mean we are doomed to that fate.

We live in a hyper-objectivist society at the moment which has its major strengths. Objectivity created the physical mechanisms for the internet. But there is this lack, and maybe more accurately said, a denial of the subjectivity. People seem to forget that without subjectivity, without new thoughts, wishes, desires, and imagination, the creation of the internet would not have been possible because the creators would have never thought outside of the objective, outside of what reality already contained.

I’ve never heard of The Center of Creative Choice before this, and I initially thought that my own apprenticeship under the many analysts I have learned from and who have given me the opportunity to progress beyond the boundaries I resist passing through would oppose this idea since it is bent towards genetics.

For better or worse, Modern Psychoanalysis doesn’t talk much about genetics, but that also reflects the time it was made (pre-2003). In Modern Psychoanalysis, we speak about constitution, which really seems to be the word and symbol used to explain genetics before we started getting the first answers from the genome project.

Dr. Strachen tells us that therapist are born, not made. And that throughout his life he had certain talents that came through genetics and as he was trained he enhanced his talents and Andrew explained that this is what was happening for him.

This is something that is true. We are not born blank slates. The moment we have a unique genetic code in our mother’s womb many things about us are pre-destined (which doesn’t mean unchangeable though). This is the same theory Sigmund Freud had when he spoke of the “id”.

In English, we use the word “instinct” when we’re talking about the “id”, but that’s not the correct term. The correct term Freud used was Trieb, which meant something primal and foundational within us, such as our genetic code, but which can be changed because it was plastic and malleable.

This is true within all of us. We may have been born with some genetics that weren’t very good. Maybe we’re prone to depression or alcoholism because of genes and environment combined for instance. But, this doesn’t mean we are doomed to that fate.
This idea that we are not doomed to our fates is what I practice when I work with my clients psychoanalytically in my office while they are on the couch. We go through a struggle together where I’m not teaching the person how to be a better person or more stable in their life. I’m allowing them to learn how to gain freedom and how to gain freer choice, so they can have their own successes in breaking the damaging and compulsive repetitions. Psychoanalysts do this through Free Association.

My own personal experience of listening to Dr. Strachen so far is much like my own analysis. In unexpected places and in unexpected words I find new thoughts and new ways of being that allow me to progress, but also allow me to resist progress.

Clip 3

To see that other people are unique bodies means to come out of the delusion of narcissism.

Dr. Strachen here gives us 2 foundations of their theory. 1. That everybody is unique. 2. That everything is connected since there is no space.
The first idea is true, even though this is a major mental struggle people have, especially in relationships. Dr. Hymann Spotnits, the founder of Modern Psychoanalysis, pointed out that many people have a Narcissistic Transference towards each other which means one person mentally doesn’t function in a way that they are a separate entity from another. It’s similar to how a very young developing infant doesn’t have an understanding that they are separate from the mother and the breast.

Relationships that are founded on the understanding and functioning that there are two unique individuals within the relationship are the ones that are most successful. These good relationships lack defense mechanisms such as Projection where one partner projects all their negative feelings about themselves into their partner so they don’t have to deal with the negativity within themselves and they can attack and hate their partner.

In a good relationship that functions under the understanding that there are two unique individuals, which has resolved the Narcissistic Transference, the two individuals can speak with each other and resolve their fixable issues because they’re actually working with the actual other person, they’re not trying to resolve problems with the person they wish their partner was.

To see that other people are unique bodies means to come out of the delusion of narcissism.

When thinking about point 2, I initially do not agree that there is no space, and maybe I will learn what is meant by this more as we all listen to Dr. Strachan.

There are people who are alone and there are people who are lonely. There are those, we see more easily in psychosis, who are completely cut off from the outside world and stand staring at a wall for years in a comatose state.

I want it to be that we are never alone, but aloneness comes with being a unique individual. But, this doesn’t mean we have to be lonely. To be lonely is to be disconnected by choice or by force.

Being alone is important in Modern Psychoanalysis because it allows for narcissism which also means it allows for the resolving of our narcissism. It allows us to feel that experience that everyone is us, but then for us to learn that we are us and that they are them. This is the narcissistic blow we learn as infants. We are not mom. But, this also allows for the “I” and the “You” in “I Love You.” Those in the Narcissistic Transference do not mentally function or know what “I” and “You” are.

This reminds me of the story of Helen Keller which I have to re-study to be able to give you a more profound understanding of it, but she explains to us how she came into existence through the use of words.

I’ll make another video about that and maybe get a professor of mine who can really dig deeper into the story and what happened with Helen Keller.

Clip 4

Our energy and our drives will be victimized by others and we will also let people victimize our energy and drives.

Dr. Strachan is right that people can have power over you as in the case of killing you or putting you in handcuffs. But at the same time, people can have a power over you that is energetic.

We can see this in relationships where one spouse is completely drained because of the other spouse. This person has a power over the energy of their spouse.

The argument can be made that you can just leave that person, but that’s not really true. Being attached to the wrong person will make it difficult to leave.

Psychic and mental energy aren’t reasonable. They live within our unconscious and the subjective. But, I’m not saying that we can be pure victims just as I’m not saying that we are fully responsible.

Our energy and our drives will be victimized by others and we will also let people victimize our energy and drives.

Clip 5

I don’t know how The Terrors of Wars can be explained by positive energy push back from my understanding.

I was a bit lost here when Dr. Strachan stated that it has been validated that there is no negative energy and no resistance. They were speaking to each other through a knowledge they knew and we did not. I’m curious to see the research on this.

But coming back to resistance and negative energy. In Psychoanalytical drive theory, there is the Life Drive and the Death Drive.

Even within Psychoanalysis, there is debate if there is even a Death Drive and there are schools of that that believe all “negative actions” are just due to the over-activation of the life drive.

But, when taking dual drive theory, which is the belief of the death and life drive, we can see resistances and defense mechanisms.
Resistances and defense mechanisms aren’t the product of the death drive since the death and life drive are always intertwined. There is no such thing as a pure death or life drive.

But resistance is a constructive drive within us that can be taken too far. For instance, someone can really resist knowing the hatred they have for their spouse. It’s not a bad resistance to have since it will stop some fights that may not be necessary.

But when the resistance is taken too far, when it is resisting a hatred for your spouse to the point of creating contempt and resentment within the relationship instead of acting on that hatred in a constructive way to resolve the issues, then the resistance has become maladaptive.

The constructive defense mechanism created by the intertwined life and death drive becomes maladaptive when it is dominated by the death drive aka negative energy.

The evidence for the death drive can be seen in brutal wars and Freud really wrote about the Death Drive during WWII while the Nazi’s were murdering Millions and executing psychoanalyst in their homes. So, we can be honest and say that Freud, the man who is Freud, not the mystical Legend, was influenced to the idea of the death drive while his colleagues and friends were being murdered by Nazi death squads, his sister was being tortured and murdered in an internment camp and him only being saved by Princess Bonaparte.
I don’t know how The Terrors of Wars can be explained by positive energy push back from my understanding.

Clip 6

Life is a universal value and because of this universal value, the universe can strive for functionality within the frame of that value.

I believe this is where Dr. Strachan and Psychoanalysts split ways. Psychoanalysts believe that we create stories because we don’t know why we do the things we do and we are trying to. Psychoanalysis is a product of the interpretations of mythology. We also understand what Screen Memories are which I have spoken about previously. We re-remember things differently each time to serve our purposes today.
We aren’t the masters of our own minds.

This is the Ego Blow Freud gave to the world with this theory of the Unconscious. We know from neurological data that we are mostly unconscious beings which means we do not have control and we don’t do what we want, we do what we are compelled to do.
Freud breaks this down some when he speaks about the Repetition Compulsion. We have no choice but to re-experience our past out of our desire to master it.

This is the major blow all of us in the helping field are trying to resolve. Everyone is going to disagree with how to do this and we may call the same mental function something different and emphasize and see these mental functioning’s a bit differently. But fundamentally, we all are trying figuring out how to Master our Past.

Also this idea that we as humans have, “No universal Values,” has taken me aback a bit. I’m going to be honest with you and I can’t argue the origins of values the way Dr. Sam Harris and Dr. Jordan Peterson do for instance when they debate this.

But, if we did not have universal values within us, I don’t see how we could have a civilization. We can see in the data that when people who live together hold similar values, there is less violence for instance.

I’m struggling to really gain a stance of argument for the side that, “There are universal values,” but if there were no universal values, how is it that we share the majority of values across culture? It is the extreme cases where individuals and groups do not believe in the universal value of life for instance.

Life is a universal value and because of this universal value, the universe can strive for functionality within the frame of that value.


I really recommend that you watch all 3 parts of their talk because deep and profound wisdom and truths are said that will give you new things to think about and that’s what gives us the drive of life.

And when I’m disagreeing or questioning ideas given, it’s not out of disrespect. It’s out of a curiosity of hearing something new and different from my own understanding and it’s something that we all should do to expand our minds and master critical thinking which then allows us to produce positivity in our own lives.

I unfortunately cannot have a dialogue with Andrew and Dr. Strachen so I can only just put out my ideas and my own understanding without the real life-giving opportunity of sitting with them to talk and experience it all out. I hope one day it would be possible.

I’ll catch you all on the next episode where I walk with all of you through these videos of Dr. Strachen and Andrew where we critically think and question what we hear and take what are new thoughts and bring them into our lives to make more constructive and satisfying lives for ourselves.

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