Individual Therapy Orlando

Individual Therapy Orlando

I have found through the years that I have been a mental health clinician and practicing under psychoanalyst, that people have never been given the opportunity to thrive because they were never taught how to thrive. There are many types of therapies out there, but I found that in research, in practice and in my own life, that psychoanalysis is the best way to help someone explore how they can thrive and make that thriving life.

Especially in today’s world where the specific needs and issues that couples, women, and men face today, being on the couch and being able to say anything, even the things you didn’t know were in there, gives you freedom to live and breaks you out of the things we do because of fear and habit. This freedom is obtainable by all people regardless of race, sex, socioeconomic status or age as we have seen this technique repair and rejuvenate queens, celebrities and all of those people we will never know. It is my passion and goal to share this powerful approach with anyone who desires a better life for themselves or within their relationship.

But, there is one part you are responsible for if you’re looking to have a thriving life. You have to find someone who is emotionally present and willing to walk with you through your most challenging times so you gain the ability to stop doing what’s been hurting you all along.

The best way I can put this is in the words I was told by a client,

“I knew that telling you my life would be making you crawl through glass. But I knew you had been here already so I knew we’d make it out and I’d never have to go back to that pain in my life.”

Thrive or Survive?

You’ve gotten this far and maybe have even read some of my blogs, watched videos and listened to my podcast about relationships. Are you looking to just survive out there in life or thrive in your relationship with another and, most importantly, with yourself?

My practice is “Fee for Service” and I do not take insurance because your pain is your business, not the business of a corporation. Payment is expected at the end of each session in cash, check or Venmo App.

Contact me by calling (407) 777-2524 today or emailing at to find out more. It would be great to talk more with you and to encourage you give yourself the opportunity to qualify yourself for a thriving life and not just surviving a life.