Relationship Therapy Orlando

Relationship Therapy Orlando


Relationship therapy teaches you how to repair connections that have been lost, or never developed, in your relationship. The foundation of your relationship is built upon your connection in your relationship that comes from your connection to yourself. Throughout your relationship therapy we will discover the core issues and see what and how to Explore, Discard and Repair within your relationship.

Your first appointment we will get to know each other some and start to unravel what the initial core issue is. We will talk about what you want to get out of relationship therapy and see what would be best for you and your relationship such as a combination of joint sessions and some individual analysis.


The Exploring work is always the hardest part of any therapy. Before anything else can be done you and your significant other will have to learn how to say anything to me in the room so we can learn what are the real issues in the relationship and so you can learn how to say anything to each other.

Saying anything to me lets you practice saying what’s on your mind and in your hear which we rarely ever get any practice saying. In this, you will discover that you don’t need to be “right” or that your spouse has to be “wrong”, but that they, and most importantly you, need to change and vitalize your inner life so that your relationship can thrive.


In the process of exploring there will be many things that you both know are in the way of personal and relationship growth, but that are hard to get rid of. Work, entertainment, social media and many other vices are used as a way of ignoring and not having to deal with the painful problems within oneself and your relationship. At points, you’ll decide what you should discard and how to discard them to help you do your part in a thriving relationship.


Repairing and rebuilding is an important process to also be doing while you are exploring and discarding. To repair is to sometimes grieve the death of expectations you had for the relationship and even dealing with the feelings of having to “let go”.

Then you as an individual and you as a couple start to rebuild on the foundation that you have been working on. You get your values settled, figure out how to obtain those values and readjust values so you two can be cooperative in obtaining them.

You will be supported every step of the way to make sure you are able to say everything you need to say in a way that will be heard, understood and respected.

How Long Does It Take for Relationship Therapy to Work?

How much time we spend together depends on a few factors.

  • If you do or don’t want to work on the relationship
  • If trust has been broken within the relationship
  • How long the problems have been going on
  • How intense the problems are
  • Your ability and willingness to change your life, yourself and your relationship when it gets hard

Survive or Thrive?

You’ve gotten this far and maybe have even read some of my blogs and videos about relationships. Are you looking to just survive out there in life or thrive in your relationship with another and, most importantly, with yourself?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to therapy. I have developed and have been trained in an approach with over 140 years of research and am excited to share what I know with you. This is because I know that when we ourselves are satisfied, healthy and thriving we can then be part of a satisfying, healthy and thriving relationship and there is nothing more rewarding than that.

When we get to exist as who we are and not how others want us to be, then we become more mature and connected within every aspect of our lives. When we have found and created our purpose and meaning in life we then can live a long a prosperous life that qualifies us for more than just surviving, but actually qualifies us for thriving.

Contact me by calling (407) 777-2524 today or emailing at to find out more. It would be great to talk more with you and to encourage you give yourself the opportunity to qualify yourself for a thriving life and not just surviving a life.