Why Concierge?

Concierge Services

The Only Modern Psychoanalytical Relationship Specialist in Florida makes House Calls? Yes!

Practical Benefits

  •  Save time since I come to your home or office where we will work on your individual needs.
Stress Reduction
  • This helps reduce stress due to stress and travel planning.
  • – This method also keeps your privacy as our top priority since you are not walking into a public building.
  • You still have the option of coming to my office when you desire if you ever need a space to “get away” from the daily stresses.
  • You have full control of your analysis through your monthly retainer. Insurance companies will not tell you what to do and won’t force you to be diagnosed with a diagnosis. This means that if your schedule is never the same each week the time we see each other is also flexible each week.
You Work With Just Me
  • You will have direct access to me whenever I am needed. You will have my exclusive concierge e-mail and phone number so you know you will never have to speak to receptionists or anyone who doesn’t understand your needs.

Therapeutic Benefits

  • I become your more exclusive Modern Psychoanalytical Relationship Specialist with many more benefits than just seeing me for individual.
Personalized Analysis
  • Concierge analysis is the peak of individualized, custom-fit services. Insurance companies don’t get to spy on your records and tell you how many sessions you can have, and I won’t use the typical restrictive and “one size fits all” approach of pre-determined ‘Treatment Plans’ that are there to serve the insurance companies and not you.
  • Our partnership will always reflect what you need in that moment. Some sessions you may need some specific advice on what is going on in your life at that moment. Other times you may need to just talk about things in the past face to face. Other times you may want to try using the couch for some deeper psychoanalytical analysis. Some sessions you may want to gain some insight into your life. Your sessions will be what is most constructive for you at that moment.
Better Therapeutic Relationship
  • A therapeutic relationship, what Analyst call ‘Transference’, develops more quickly since we are seeing each other in a place that is most comfortable for you.
Get To Work On What You Need Quickly
  • I will learn more about you more quickly since the stress of getting to an office and being in a new place is diminished so we can get down to the work you need more quickly.
My Expertise as Situations Unfold
  • The support you gain is more hands on and relevant as a situation can unfold in the moment and it can be handled right that moment instead of you having to wait to tell me later on in my office.
More Quality Time
  • Therapists usually just give you 45 to 50 minutes in length and then take in the next person on their caseload. With me, you will always get a full 60-minute hour.
Highest Quality Work Possible
  • I also severely limit how many clients I work for so I am able to spend much more time outside of our sessions reflecting and working for you so I can bring you the newest interventions, research and data about relationships and what we are working on from the fields of psychology and psychoanalysis. You get the Highest Quality work possible because you are not 1 of 40 clients, but 1 of a very exclusive and small group.


If you are ready enough to invest in creating value in your life, Contact Me.