The Savior: Your Beliefs That Attract You to “Crazy” Women

The Savior: Your Beliefs That Attract You to “Crazy” Women

Greetings, Men of Orlando. How are you doing you High Value Women of Orlando. It’s good to be here with you again.

I’ve been getting a lot of flack when I bring up the male that wants to be The Savior. This man is called many other things as well.

Saviors stand behind this corrupted idea of honor, chivalry and being a “Nice Guy”.

The Savior is a particular type of male that can’t help but put himself in the worst situations with a woman. If there’s a woman with 5 kids from 7 different fathers who has never held down a job, never been faithful in her life and spends the money she does have on having an expensive car, The Savior can’t help but want to save her from her broken ways.

He narcissistically believes that he can make her into the woman he “knows she really is.” It’s delusional thinking from destructive beliefs.

  1. Can’t help but try to “save” the worst women out there

Gentlemen, there are women out there that are not of High-Value at a very basic level. Women know this and you need to not be blind to this. If you’re a savior you’re drawn to the most destructive woman you can possibly find.

One reason men do this, at a very unconscious level, is that it gives them an excuse when they inevitably fail. At best he is the “nice guy” who has dated all these terrible women and he can gain pity from all his friends, write a sappy story on his dating profile and get himself on the Bachelor. He wants pity because he has this unconscious belief that he doesn’t have the ability to have a good relationship with a valuable enough woman. If believes that if he ever did enter this kind of relationship he would be the one who is left because of his nonsense. He is avoiding accountability and having the feeling of being abandoned by someone he wants. Being ‘abandoned’ by a High-Drama woman will give him a sense of relief while also gaining pity from everyone else.

Birds of a feather flock together. If you believe and act as a low value man, you will attract and be attracted to similar types of women.

There is this much rarer case where the man knows what he is doing, and he does it because he wants to hurt in his life. I worked with a man for years who loved to get into relationships with the thirstiest women possible. He was a good looking man with plenty of money and would blow all his money on her and watch her tear his life apart.

He got this perverse pleasure from having his life ripped to shreds by women. We discovered that he had a great hate for himself, which was outwardly a contradiction because he took good physical care of himself, but he made sure to have women enact the pain he wanted to give to himself. This was a man who had all the potential to be a High Value man, but was keeping himself down because of his destructive automated beliefs about himself.

Another reason males will be saviors is because of the guilt they are trying to repress. There is this the common trend of men who were married and after their divorce. They go ahead and date single moms exclusively. It becomes a fetish for them. In these cases, it was seen that these men were looking to, in their unconscious, repair the family they did not have or lost with these new women and their kids. They were not getting into relationships to build a good relationship, but to try to master their anxiety and guilt over the loss of their marriage or long-term relationship.

If you found any of these ideas offensive or disagreeable, you’ve just identified with one of the situations since you saw it reflecting something in you and then resisted that feeling by rejecting the thoughts.

  1. Refuses to discriminate between women correctly

Saviors are masters at discriminating between women. They can see the good women and they will completely ignore them and find excuses to not be engaged with them and go for the most broken female they can find.

When I find this man in my office, most of the work we do will be to find out why this is the case and to reverse the attraction to disasters. These men are in the worst and best positions. Worst because they will get themselves slaughtered by the wrong women in their life, and best because they understand how to discriminate already very well and they will be able to attract valuable women easier than a man who has no idea on how to discriminate.

This man typically is successful enough in their life, but has a problem transitioning from playboy to finding a valuable woman to raise children and a life with even though they know they’re tired of the playboy lifestyle. They have already conquered everything they can out in the sexual market. He’s a driven man needed to find a new place to go.

  1. Has no desires for himself

This is the common feature I’ve seen from Boston to Orlando. This idea just plays out differently between the different types of men.

The savior will take the desire of the woman he is with, her family, her friends, her kids and really believe that these desires are his own and that he owes this to them. There is a clear explanation of why this is his mother’s and father’s fault, but as an adult he cannot blame his parents anymore for his actions.

When you exclusively take on the desires of others to the point of believing they are yours, you have volunteered into slavery while at the same time fallen into the same mental frame as those who have Stockholm Syndrome. Stockhold syndrome is when victims become empathetic to their captives. The Savior is perpetually in this pathological mind set and will stay in terrible relationships for years, or until death does him part.

This is the kind of man who needs to take a break from relationships as he works on himself or, if he can, date many women and never become exclusive with any of them so he can understand that there isn’t a scarcity of women out there that find him attractive.

Men, you don’t hunt women, you attract them. The Savior will attract and rush towards the very destructive women who have devalued themselves in their lives by their own actions. This is because he identifies with this woman because he himself feels and believes he has no value, but rejects that feeling of having no value within himself by trying to create a limitless amount of value inside a woman who has no interest in having any personal value. She just wants his resources.

I know there are Saviors reading this who are trying to find arguments against the points I made. I invite you to come sit and chat with me here in Orlando so we can discuss your thoughts. This can be done privately, in podcast form or publicly with a group of men since I’m looking to create High Value and Prestigious Men and your arguments against these ideas are in the service of helping men, right? Tell me why I am wrong, but you will have to come with facts and critical thoughts and not feelings and ideologies. Don’t be a keyboard hero. There’s always something new to learn.

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