Who Controls Your Mental Health?

Who Controls Your Mental Health?

I can come off as harsh to Dr. Jordan Peterson and how he practiced as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapy in general sometimes. I agree with psychology and psychotherapy more than not, but I disagree with them when it comes to core principles of the human psyche. That’s all philosophy though. A bigger issue I have is the system that most of psychology works in.

When working for clinics I would go to the homes of client’s and help them do the breathing and muscle relaxation techniques for the diagnoses that were on their treatment plans that the insurance companies found acceptable. That was always a big problem for me.

I did not care what an insurance company believed was good therapy, I cared what therapist knew was good therapy. Which one would know? The therapists who are at the homes of these individuals or who saw their clients weekly in their office or the insurance company that is trying to pay out the least as possible at already ridiculously low wages?

Diagnosis is also an issue even though it does have true value. We don’t know what is going to happen in a kids or adults future if you diagnose them with depression. When a client goes to get psychological or psychotherapy at a clinic or private practice and uses their insurance, the client’s medical and mental health history is not private. Insurance companies have all that data and insurance companies have their hands in a lot of legislation through their lobbyist donations. I don’t know if in 10 years your 2nd Amendment rights will be taken away or hindered if you had ever been diagnosed with depression. The potential for harm to citizens is too great here.

There is also this push to have clients see the psychiatrist. There are times when this is appropriate, but there were many times I would get into arguments with a supervisor when I did not agree that a child should be put on medications for disturbing class. I can’t sit down for 8 hours in a row and pay attention to anything; how would we expect kids to do so? This is the time I explained to my supervisor that psychology, as a younger science than psychoanalysis, has done a lot of great work as a young science, but it has sold its soul to insurance and pharmaceutical companies. When we look out into the world we can see that psychology has married itself with businesses(profits) which push out drugs and reject proper treatment which makes the lives of therapist and their client’s hell. We can see that insurance isn’t working for too many people and we have drug epidemics in each state.

I work as an analyst not just because I understand that it is a better way of exploring, understanding and eliminating the destructive impact negative repetitions have on our lives. Psychoanalysis has married itself to neuroscience which is the youngest of the three and really the place where the fastest progress will be made in understanding our humanity. Psychoanalysis and neuroscience, at this time in history, aren’t looking to manage or control people.

Just to be clear. Dr. Jordan Peterson nor the vast majority of psychologist, psychotherapist, therapist and social workers are not in favor of how insurance and drug companies treat their clients. There is a majority consensus that there are fatal issues with the mental health system in the United States. But, it is detrimental to their livelihood to speak up about it because they will lose their mental health license that is given to them by the boards who hold up this system. Reasonably, self-preservation is chosen over the greater good. These boards are also not all bad, they do protect the consumer at some points. But, it’s not good enough.

Adam Ayala is a Modern Psychoanalytical Relationship Specialist with a private practice in Orlando, Florida and Brookline, MA and is weekly featured on the online relationship magazine YourTango.com.  Mr. Ayala can also be Contacted if you’re interested in working or collaborating with him.

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