Why Men Are Driven to The Wrong Women?

Why Men Are Driven to The Wrong Women?


Understand what I’m telling you that others are not. When professionals and good men are trying to understand why we end up with the wrong women we always remember that evolutionary biology exists, the mind exists and external factors exist. We also have to remember that working within the system of biology, the mind and the external world that there is the world of our unconscious beliefs. This is the deepest driving force of our mind that everything else stands on.

You are not the master of your unconscious beliefs. You don’t even have an idea of what they are. You can discover them through speaking freely with someone who is there to listen and not give you advice and by observing your behaviors within yourself and the women around you.

Evolutionary Biology

Us men are attracted to fertility ques. Wide hips, breast size, symmetry, voice pitch and smell. Don’t be shamed out of this evolutionary biological truth.

One way men are being shamed and authoritatively forced out of our evolutionary biological attraction is through the “Body Positivity” Movement. Too many people have taken this movement to mean that being morbidly obese has to be beautiful to men. If that is your fetish and preference as a man, free country and love and immerse yourself in everything you want sexually.

But, when men speak out against this movement and those who tell us that we Must see their bodies as healthy and attractive, they are shamed for “fat shaming”. No one is entitled to your attraction.

If you don’t want to be with someone who is morbidly obese because you want to have children and don’t want to lose your spouse early because of preventable diseases that are due to the behaviors of those who are morbidly obese, then you don’t have to. Smokers aren’t entitled to your attraction, those who are anorexic aren’t entitled to your attraction and as a man you have the right to discriminate between these variables. It’s okay to understand that you don’t want to lose your spouse to heart disease, lung cancer or the problems that come from nutritional deficits.

Don’t be an asshole and start trying to actually shame these people either. Also, those who are going to use the extreme statistical arguments of, “I have a thyroid problem that was completely biological and had nothing to do with how I treated my body.” We weren’t talking about you. We’re talking about behaviors, not the unlucky rolls we get from our parent’s DNA.


I’m discriminating the mind down to behaviors and cognition (the way she thinks). Men are attracted to certain behaviors of women. This is for better or worse as we can see…mostly for worse. A woman who does drugs is not as attractive to a man than a woman who is young, healthy and has her life together. A woman who can handle stressful and catastrophic situations is more attractive to men than a woman who falls apart in these situations.

External Factors

Hair color, types of clothing and attitudes we find attractive in men are pretty influenced by external factors such as our culture. I believe this is over-stated though. Classically, media portrayed beautiful women as women who had bodies very close to little boys, strait lines with small breast, and that’s not what men are into at large. Currently, the media is telling men that obese women are the most beautiful. These extremes of attraction oscillate throughout history and Jaqueline Howard did an interesting piece on the history of the ideal woman.

Unconscious Beliefs

Let me tell you my bias. I understand how evolutionary biology, the mind and external factors are severely important to attracting the right woman. But, I’m going to say that if us men understand our Unconscious Beliefs we will save ourselves from the messed up ways our biology, mind and external factors get us to be attracted to the wrong type of woman.

Simply, we have unconscious beliefs that drive us to the wrong or right type of woman for us. Most of the time it is the wrong type of woman. I write at length about The Savior: Your Beliefs That Attract You to “Crazy” Women. She can be biologically attractive, she can seem to have a sound mind and you have a good handle on what attracts you and aren’t shamed into being attracted to someone who cultures tells you to. If you have all of that under control and you don’t have a handle on your unconscious beliefs, you’re using your life to gamble on a losing game which ends in the tragic Post-Divorce Suicides we see happening to men at a disproportionate rate.

Make an Investment in yourself to become a High Value Man that has his biology, mind, external factors and his inner unconscious beliefs in check so you can get right in your life and have a healthy, satisfying, sex filled life with the right woman.




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