Why You Will Resist Getting Help for Your Masochism

Why You Will Resist Getting Help for Your Masochism

If you’ve read my papers on the The Cost of Not Being a Masculine Man and Being the Assertive Narcissist, you may be wondering what is the next step. The next step is for me to tell you why you won’t get help with this psychically and how you’ll use external resistances such as money, time, travel and energy as your fake excuses to not do the work

If you’re a masochistic man you will resist putting in the work to actually obtain a satisfying love, and instead continue with the sadistic pain and believing that pain is love. Why completely break your unconscious and conscious beliefs on what love is? You rather keep the suffering you know instead of changing and finding something new, even if it is better.

To actually do the work to find love and pleasure in a relationship will be a great psychic loss of the internal relationships and script you have had your whole life. You inherently can’t do this because of how your mind and beliefs work as a masochist who has devalued his masculinity. If you ask for what you want, you will lose love which is a great paradox for you to get over.

You have a deep and rooted belief that if you are masculine and assertive in finding satisfaction and love, you will lose love from those around you. You will actually be losing your suffering and will be going through pain to find satisfaction, your masculinity and love.

This is also why when you’re with a woman and she does want to give and gratify you, you refuse it. You’ll consider your wants “rude” or “imposing” even if she is willing and wants to do them for you. It’s too threatening to get what you want and it’s safer to just keep making believe that the suffering you get is love.


“The masochist is always unconsciously issuing an invitation to be attacked, dismissed, or humiliated. There is therefore unconscious gratification when the invitation is accepted (Hall, D. 2014. pp. 353).”

You are actually getting a perverse form of satisfaction when you are diminished and you devalue yourself and get women to devalue you in your life and relationships. It’s hard to let go of the satisfactions, even garbage ones, when we can’t see any in the future if we let that one go. You are trying to make an old wrong right, but it’s not working out so well sir.

You’ll keep spending your time and money on the nonsense items and things in life that you are trying to use to fill a avoid in your mind.

Want to give yourself a chance of creating your masculinity which will give you the ability of finding real gratification and satisfaction in your life instead of being stuck in a cycle of never getting what you want as you make believe you’re satisfied? Work With Me.



Hall, D. (2014). THE FATE OF AGGRESSION IN MASO-MASOCHISTIC RELATIONSHIPS. The Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 2014 Volume LXXXIII, Number 2

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